C4 Trío, a Venezuelan group aiming at projecting the well-called national instrument with productions open to various genres of the global music and Desorden Público, get a new achievement with the nomination to the Grammy 2018 in the category of Best Alternative, Urban and Latin Rock Album with the recording Pa´fuera
Horacio Blanco, leader of the legendary ska band, visibly excited, comments how he found out about the good news: “This morning we received a message from Héctor Molina where he gave us the news. I was half way asleep and I could not just believe it and well, the news was in fact a reality. C4, Desorden… Desorden, C4 nominated to the International Grammy, the most wanted of all. First of all, we are very thankful and surprised. Second, I truly believe that this time around the music did it all.” The renowned vocalist emphasizes that this album hasn’t been patronized at all. “Neither, we have any record label to promote us nor an international management to push this work forward. That’s an album that was launched to the nomination with the basic resources that the Grammy Academy grants and well… thanks to the jury, too. We are very happy.”
Pa’ fuera, presented in Venezuela in December 2016, includes twelve songs that fuse the genres for which both groups are known, Venezuelan and Caribbean rhythms like joropo oriental, contradanza, gaita tambora, joropo tuyero, tambor Guatire, jota, calypso, cumbia or merengue.
The album, produced by Jorge Glem with the support of Horacio Blanco, Héctor Molina and Edward Ramírez, has as special guests bassist Rodner Padilla; percussionists Yonathan Gavidia and Diego Álvarez; maraca players Manuel Rangel and Raúl Salmerón; güiro player Manuel Márquez; trombonist Miguel Sánchez, saxophonist Guillermo Machado and renowned joropo singer Mario Díaz.
For Glem, currently residing in New York City where he continues developing his career as composer and cuatrista, one of the things that excites him the most is to have conquered the nomination with Venezuelan music. “We played the Desorden’s tunes that people have been listening for over 30 years but taken and transformed into rhythms from across the country. So those who listen to it or have it in their hands, anywhere around the world, will find sounds that are our very own which represents a contribution for the broadcasting and knowledge on the Venezuelan. Besides doing it with Desorden, a band we have admired for years, makes us very proud.” 


Combat with cuatro
It is important to outstand that this recording began to originate in 2014 when they gathered to introduceC4 Desorden a 2, a concert without precedent in which their sounds, instruments and unmistaken rhythms made the audience raved.
The celebration of tenth anniversary of the emblematic cuatro ensemble and the thirtieth of the most recognized ska band in the country were the source that gave shape to this recording whose release lagged due to the “migrations and internal transformations” that both groups had undergone since the recording, just as Héctor Molina from 4 Trío quotes from Miami who says that this impulses the definite international projection of this potent work
Blanco quotes: “I believe that this is a very risky album where experimentation reached the level of hybridization that was never heard before. The contribution of C4 Trío is endlessly valuable and of course there are the “desordenadas” songs… and the result is there: A lot of good vibe. That record was made with affection, love and respect… let it go up to where it has to go.
Pa´ Fuera, whose recording, mixing and mastering were by Vladimir Quintero, Germán Landaeta and Jean Sánchez, winners of the Latin Grammy in 2014 in the Sound Engineering category with another C4 Trío recording: De Repente-, competes with four productions: the most recent recording by Amigos Invisibles, El Paradise, Ayo by Bomba Estéreo; Salvavidas de hielo by Jorge Drexler, and Residente by Residente.
On this, Desorden Público’s vocalist says: “It is very interesting that two out of five works are made by Venezuelans during one of the worst years that the country has had economically, politically and socially speaking. I believe that that speaks well about what is going on with the culture and how the vanguard ends up being within the chaos.  Art faces”
“As someone that bets on quality and projecting the Venezuelan, I am proud of being in those three categories next to people like Drexler, Residente and Bomba Estéreo. Besides, this nomination clearly tells us that we can reach areas like this one with our cuatro, our sound and keep dreaming as well. We must dream, work and music will do the rest,” adds Edward Ramírez who’s just arrived from Medellin after being in the Latin Grammy ceremony where he was nominated for his record El Tuyero Ilustrado.
The sixtieth Grammy award ceremony will be held on Sunday 28th of January 2018 at Madison Square Garden.

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