Jorge Glem


Cuatrista, mandolin player, arranger, composer and music producer. He was born in Cumaná, Sucre state, in Venezuela. He started his musical training at age of 6, studying cuatro with teachers Eberto Zapata and Alexander Mariña and mandolin under the guidance of Professor Angel Luis Pinero.

In 2004 he achieved the first place, “Best Cuatrista – Best Musical Group” in the Festival of Llanera Music “El Silbón de Oro” and the second place in the 1st International Exhibition “La Siembra del Cuatro”. In the following year, he won the first place for the traditional tuning for the same event. In 2008, he participated in the second convention of cuatro at the Music Conservatory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, along with Edwin Colon Zayas and performed a concert of Puerto Rican cuatro and Venezuelan cuatro with Christian Nieves.

He is part of the following groups: “C4 Trio”, “Saul Vera y su Ensamble”, “Radio Nacional de Venezuela”, “Cesar Orozco y su Kamarata Jazz”, Marco Granados, “enCayapa”, Alexis Cárdenas and “Trío Fusiones”. He has been a guest participating along with several groups of the country, among which we can mention: Simón Bolívar Shymphony Orchestra, “Ensamble Gurrufío”, “Serenata Guayanesa” and “El Cuarteto”. He has also accompanied prestigious musicians and singers, such as Cheo Hurtado, Aldemaro Romero, Leo Blanco, Huáscar Barradas, Alirio Diaz, Saúl Vera, Ruperto Tico Paez, Toñito Naranjo, Alberto Cheche Requena, Jaime Martínez, Maria Rodríguez, Hernán Marín, Rafael “El Pollo” Brito and Lilia Vera, among many others.
In 2005, he released his first production under the title: “Jorge Glem. Cuatro sentido”, as a cuatrista soloist.

He has participated as a guest in over 40 productions with several musical groups and musicians, such as “Guaco”, “Ensamble Gurrufío”, “Cuarteto de Clarinetes de Caracas”, Ofelia del Rosal, Ed Simon, Gerardo Rosales, Christian Nieves, Alberto Cheche Requena, Alexis Cardenas and Aquiles Báez. He has represented Venezuela in international festivals in the United States, Guatemala, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Austria, Germany and more recently in China (Hong Kong).