Edward Ramírez


Young musician was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He learns his first chords at age 7 at the school Gual y España with Milton Villanueva. He continues cuatro classes in “Escuela Hemisferio Musical” (Musical Hemisphere School) under the tutelage of Professors Alberto Espinoza and Antonio Zapata. He attends the José Angel Lamas Superior School of Music where he takes guitar lessons with José Gregorio Guanchez.

Later on, he continues studying music theory and solfege at the José Reyna Music School where he attends classes of harmony applied to cuatro and Venezuelan music ensembles with Orlando Cardozo who influenced him a lot concerning the way of playing this instrument.
Then, he looks for learning cuatro as a soloist instrument beginning with Enio Escuariza (high tuning) and Luis Pino (traditional tuning). He studies also modern harmonies with Rafael “El Pollo” Brito at the Simon Bolivar Music School. Searching to know more about Venezuelan traditional music, Ramirez takes classes on popular culture at the Biggot Foundation with Carlos Arcila (cuatro accompaniment) and Leon Zapata (guitar), but is in the Otilio Galindez Music School where he really learns about the execution of cuatro as an accompaniment instrument with the professor Javier Martin. He has taken workshops with Aquiles Báez on harmony and composition and also on cuatro Eastern-style with Alfonzo Moreno.

At the present time, he is the cuatrista of the “Esamble Kapicúa”; “Venezuela Viva” and “C4 Trío”. He has been successively the third-place winner of the international competition “La siembra del cuatro” (2004-2005) produced by Asdrúbal “Cheo” Hurtado. He has shared stage with national and international leading musicians and groups like El Cuarteto, Oscar de León, Aquiles Báez, Eddy Marcano, David Peña, Javier Marín, Rodner Padilla, Enresto Laya, Carlos Orozco, Rafael “El Pollo Brito”, Alfredo Naranjo, Iván Perez Rossi, Cheo Hurtado, Soledad Bravo, Cesar Orozco, Roberto Koch, Carlos Rodríguez, Nené Quintero, Caracas Sincrónica, Pabellón sin Baranda and Pablo Gil, among others.

He has participated on the “Venezuela Viva” musical in Holland (2006), Germany (2008) and Scotland (2009). Along with “C4 Trío” he has been invited two years consecutively to the Venezuelan Sounds Festival (2006-2007) coordinated by the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, performing in New York, Philadelphia and Washington as well.
In May 2007, he performed with “C4 Trío” in the Bolivar Hall, in the Heart of the World in Cambridge and in the International Festival of Arts in Salisbury (England). With “Venezuela Viva” he performed at the Hall of the Americas in the OAS/OEA (Organization of American States) in Washington 2007. He went to Uruguay in April 2008 with “C4 Trío” giving concerts in Rocha and Montevideo. With the “Ensamble Kapicúa” he went to Cuba in July 2008, performing at the “Casa las Américas” (House of Americas) and in the Mella Theater. He traveled with “C4 Trío” to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) in December 2008, representing Venezuela in the “VIII Festival Cultural de Bahia”. In 2009, he releases his most recent album with “C4 Trío”: “Entre Manos” (Among Hands) CD+DVD.